Go Blue

With the Michigan football team winning the national championship last night, I was a happy man – along with many of my friends. There are so many business lessons to be learned from sports. One such lesson from last night (I’m sure there are many others) was trust and patience. Around 2017-2020, people talked sh*t … Continue reading Go Blue

What Not To Do

Founders all know that focus for their company means defining what not to do. But sometimes we see founders who are not applying the same principle to their own personal life. Personal side projects on Github. Writing a PRD for the next company while this company hasn’t exited yet. Angel investing as a fashion. The … Continue reading What Not To Do

Passion vs Obsession

Passion is something that strongly attracts you. You can be passionate about English Premier League, climate tech, or blogging. Obsession is your mission; the reason why you were put on this earth. What you will do when you have five years left in your life. People often have multiple areas of passion; on the other … Continue reading Passion vs Obsession