Technology That Just Works

When we think about technologies that change the world and help the humanity, we think about things like curing cancer, solving the climate crisis, or sending people to other planets. Those are great, but what’s massively underrated is Technology That Just Works – as anyone who has been frustrated with tech failure would know. Just … Continue reading Technology That Just Works

Cashflow + Investing

There’s a reason why only 1% of the population is rich. The formula to rich is, and has always been, there in plain sight: That’s what Warren Buffett did; That’s what Masayoshi Son did; That’s what Nvidia is currently doing on a corporate level. The list goes on and on. But only 10% of people … Continue reading Cashflow + Investing

Don’t Skimp

Yes, early stage startups must go super narrow and deep, and solve one problem only. Absolutely true. But sometimes I see founders misunderstanding this as skimping on critical features, without which the product cannot deliver its proper value. Consider Uber v1. It was a narrow service – all it did was hailing limousines in SF. … Continue reading Don’t Skimp

SaaS on Existing Platforms

I started using recently and was blown away by their product (simple yet super intuitive) and their service (from onboarding to the customer success journey). Turns out, Pilot is built on top of Quickbook Online. They didn’t reinvent the SMB accounting software. They provide a nice “wrapper app” experience to the existing software. There … Continue reading SaaS on Existing Platforms

You Have One Shot

“Look, if you had one shot or one opportunityTo seize everything you ever wanted in one momentWould you capture it or just let it slip?” (Lose yourself, Eminem) All startups have one shot, one opportunity. If you don’t come out with a bang when you officially launch, you’re dead on arrival. That’s why your first … Continue reading You Have One Shot

MVT before MVP

MVT before MVP: Founders should do Minimum Viable Testing before building any Minimum Viable Product, whenever possible. Someone said his biggest regret was to build an app right out of the gate, while he could have tested some of the key product concepts easily using existing software tools. Alex Kwon is the master of MVT. … Continue reading MVT before MVP

For Better Recruiting

Companies often ask their employees to refer best talents they know, but they don’t provide them with the right “ammo”, i.e. nice handy information packet they can use to explain what the company does and why anyone needs to bother working there. Think of your employees as marketers and empower them with nice sales collaterals. … Continue reading For Better Recruiting