3x Current Wealth

According to this video, most people think 3x their current wealth and income will make them truly happy, regardless of their current wealth/income. That means $10/hour wage workers want $30/hour pay, a billionaire want to reach $3 billion, etc. Quite fascinating. Explains why many successful and wealthy people aren’t happy. The easy “right answer” here … Continue reading 3x Current Wealth

Getting Your Hands Dirty

Product managers – when was the last time you got your hands dirty and built something with your hand? If you’re an accomplished PM, chances are you’re so busy, and also surrounded by talented engineers who can build pretty much anything based on your PRD. As a result it might have been some time since … Continue reading Getting Your Hands Dirty

Earn Your Bread First

We shouldn’t confuse our personal passion and the commercial success that our organization needs. A VC should first make the right bets at the right time to get that IRR, before investing in what he’s personally passionate about. A movie director should first prove herself with a few commercially successful films so that financiers are … Continue reading Earn Your Bread First

Pitching to Friends

Try pitching your startup idea to your friend who isn’t afraid to tell you that it’s the worst idea he’s ever heard in his entire adult life – not just other tech folks who are in the same bubble. You might get unexpected insights or thinking points. Having such a friend is blessing in life, … Continue reading Pitching to Friends

Storytelling > Design

A pitch deck that’s simple and bare bones in design but crisp in logic and reads well is 10x better than a pitch deck that’s professionally designed but lacks sufficient logic and flow. It’s like indoor rock climbing — You want clearly marked, well placed holds so you know which one to reach and grab … Continue reading Storytelling > Design