Building A Game Changer

A recent conversation with a founder: His company developed a B2B SaaS product. They showed some initial promise but ultimately couldn’t achieve meaningful growth. They didn’t reach product/market fit. Then they kept developing more features. And some more features. All of a sudden, they had a product with 12 different main features, none of which … Continue reading Building A Game Changer

Finding The Right Balance

As widely known by now, research indicates that the highest-performing teams are psychologically safe teams. Leaders must ensure that people feel they are being heard and that anyone can express their opinions freely. However, a leader’s job is to make decisions, which sometimes involves the leader stepping in and making a proprietary decision based on … Continue reading Finding The Right Balance

What Should Lyft Do

Interesting case study: What should Lyft do? At a recent dinner, a few of us were casually chatting about our consumer experience with Lyft (“Do any of you guys use Lyft any more?”) A few things mentioned by the group: I don’t have data, but anecdotally, at least the folks in my circle seem to … Continue reading What Should Lyft Do

We Do A Better Than B

With so many articles and videos on the internet, it’s easy to overthink or take an overly academic approach to GTM. But GTM is really finding an answer to this simple question: “For X, we solve Y problems by providing better solutions than Z” Or, an even simpler version can be: “We do A better … Continue reading We Do A Better Than B

Lululemon’s Day 1

How startups should position their product: Be like Lululemon’s day 1. Lululemon is now a general athletic brand for everyone, but when they started they were about one thing only – yoga pants for women. The key here is not to see yoga pants as they’re worn today. You should go back to the late … Continue reading Lululemon’s Day 1

Sharpen The Tooth

What I’ve seen over the years is, early stage companies rarely grow beyond their founders’ capabilities; or at least, companies model after their founders really closely. If the founder is unfocused, chances are the whole company is unfocused. If the founder is incapable of making decisions, the company is likely to have meetings after meetings … Continue reading Sharpen The Tooth