The EQ/IQ Balance

The Open AI/Sam Altman saga seems to have died down for the most part – at least for now. This was another case where a TV script writer couldn’t have written a more dramatic story than what actually unfolded in the real world. Tech is increasingly becoming dramatic, and when drama happens in tech, it’s … Continue reading The EQ/IQ Balance

The Bar Is Higher Now

Make no mistake – there will be many $10bn+ new startups coming out of the AI space. Saying OpenAI will do everything is like saying Amazon will sell everything to everyone in the entire world. It’s just that the bar is so much higher now because everybody can access the same, super powerful technology so … Continue reading The Bar Is Higher Now

Investor Updates

As an angel investor, I get various investor update emails. Some are good and some not so good – just quickly sharing a few of my personal observations here. 1/ Consistency is far more important than quality For me, a founder sending brief regular updates like clockwork feels more trustworthy than a founder sending a … Continue reading Investor Updates