US vs. EU

Europe is pretty comparable to the US in terms of the GDP and population: GDP: EU + UK = $19.7T / US = $25.5TPopulation: EU + UK = 514M / US = 332M While, the source of wealth creation is very different, where the US is driven by tech, while the EU is all about … Continue reading US vs. EU

Threads and Social Networks

Threads had an explosive launch, but from the product perspective, it’s just uninspiring. Threads, Bluesky, Masterdon, and Twitter itself – these are all largely undifferentiated products. In fact, most social networks have the same features (feed, follow, etc.) and are controlled by a few (seemingly sometimes fickle and unstable) billionaires. Human social interactions are intricate, … Continue reading Threads and Social Networks

Doctor’s Test

For fellow soul-searchers, one potentially useful framework is what I call the “Doctor’s Test”. Imagine you got a call from your doctor, and were told (God forbid) you have a terminal illness and only have 5 years to live. How would you spend the rest of your life? If you could think of a project … Continue reading Doctor’s Test