7 thoughts on “여자는 모든 문제의 근원?”

  1. 1. Married Man = Man x Marriage

    2. "Marriage is the tomb of love" so, Marriage = Tomb

    3. To make a tomb, you need Money and Time. so, Tomb = Money x Time

    4. "Time is Money". so, Tomb = (Money)^2

    5. Man makes money for his woman. so, Man = Money x Woman

    6. Woman = Problems as previous proof, so Man = Money x Problems

    7. Therefore, Married Man = (Money)^2 x (Money x Problems)

    8. As is "Money is the root of all problems", Money = √Problems


    Married Man

    = Problems x √Problems x Problems

    = (Problems)^2 x √Problems

    = (√Problems)^5

    As sentence, Married Man is the 5 times multiplied root of all problems.

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