I had a very weird dream that I had to write down after waking up. It was a little skit, where an entrepreneur (not me!) was pulling a prank on a VC. Why pull a prank? Maybe he already closed the round and was determined to not take money from this particular VC and wanted … Continue reading AUM, TAM, and ATM

Doing One Thing for 10+ Years

I recently listened to a podcast featuring co-founder of a company called Mycoworks. Mycoworks develops products based on mycelium, or in plain English, mushrooms. Their first ~10 years was almost pure R&D with little to no revenue. But now that they’ve nailed down their technology after all those years of R&D, they’re expanding their business … Continue reading Doing One Thing for 10+ Years

Golf vs. Breakfast Meeting

Some people say golf is essential for business and nothing ever beats spending 4+ hours on green together. I think that’s a BS – I would choose a 1 hour breakfast meeting over hearty food, delicious coffee, and quality conversations any day. What matters is a genuine desire to have a meaningful conversation with someone. … Continue reading Golf vs. Breakfast Meeting

AI and Content Creation

The introduction of Dall-E2 and Chat GPT has sparked widespread discussions on how generative AI will impact the content creation and storytelling industries. Obviously there are endless possibilities, but I think one prospect is that AI will ironically drive the growth of human-focused vertical social networks centered around creators and their work — or what … Continue reading AI and Content Creation