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세스 고딘의 말: 최근의 아이오와 코커스에서 보듯, 소비자들 중 1%만 자신의 의견을 피력하게 마련이고, 따라서 진정한 기회는 99%의 소비자들이 자신의 의견을 피력하도록 만드는 데에 있다고 함. 인사이트 하나 얻었다.

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The truth about word of mouth

It’s hard.

Sure, it’s hard for you. Your brand doesn’t get as much as you like.

But that’s not what I mean.

It’s hard for the consumer. A few people like to blab and babble. Most people don’t.

Consider Iowa. Caucus turnout was huge. And yet it only represents a tiny percentage of the people who vote in the actual election in Iowa. What? The caucus stage is so much more important in the scheme of things (the Iowa electoral vote essentially never influences an election). So why skip the caucus?

90% of voters skip it because they don’t want to stand up in front of people and tell them who they’re voting for. They don’t want to be challenged or made to look foolish. So they keep quiet.

That’s what most of your customers do. They lay low, because they’re afraid or shy or just not used to talking about brands and products or experiences.

Sure, 1%of your customers blog or post or just plain talk. They’re louder than ever before. But the other 99% represent a real opportunity for you. Figure out how to get them out there. Cajole them to go to a caucus.

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