열심히 썼더만 커멘트 승인나야 하네..

웹 2.0 워크그룹 멤버중의 하나이자 지난번 모바일 세미나를 통해 알게 된 Ajit Jaokar 라는 분이, 한국과 일본에서 벌어지고 있는 이노베이션이 글로벌화 되기 어렵다, 대충 이런 논조로 쓴 글을 보았다.

지금 시간이 1시가 넘었고 내일 Barcamp 프리젠테이션은 인제부터 만들어야 하는데도 불구하고 이 기사를 그냥 지나칠 수가 없었다. 그래서 내나름대로 답글을 썼는데… 쓰고 나서 Submit 을 눌렀더니 승인될 때까지 기다리란다. 지난번에도 승인 안 되더만. 아무튼 이렇게 썼었다.


Hi Ajit – you are definitely right when you say those Asian IT products that are less culture dependent (e.g. cellphones) have gained way more global success than more culture-dependent ones such as the internet services. Having said this, I think Web 2.0 can be leveraged here; Web 2.0 separates data layer and presentation layer more effectively and therefore localization of a service has become easier. This means, what matters would be whether or not the service successfully implements a good intrinsic social mechanism. If it does, then it would now be relatively easy to get the service customized for local markets. Simply put, services like Digg, WordPress, YouTube, and Flickr would succeed in virtually any markets – we are already seeing many local clones of these services. So my 2 cents are: As the web more and more becomes “the great leveler”, we will see more and more cases where a good web service emerges from any part of the world and then soon gets deployed/copied in the rest of the world.

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